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Prepare To Be On TV With Our Theatrical Makeup Services

Bridal Makeup With Face to Faces near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides exclusive makeup services using airbrush makeup to prepare you for being on television. Our team specializes in theatrical makeup that enhances your appearance so that you look your best from all angles. We guarantee that you will look flawless with our fashionable services that can be tailored to meet your cosmetic needs.

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Book Your Makeup Artist

Obtain the specialized makeup services you need when you are scheduled to give an appearance on live television. Our team can emphasize your features with just the right amount of makeup to create the most ideal look with the combination of the lighting used in the studio. Schedule services with any of our skilled makeup artists to highlight your features and eliminate shadows with the lighting that is used in studios.

Our Clients

Our makeup artists are well-known for providing outstanding services for a variety of different people. Our clients include celebrities, television personalities, and brides such as:

• Patty Jackson from WDAS
• John Robert Powers Model Agency
Cage Fury Fights with Stephanie Stokes
• Kendra Wilkinson on Kendra On Top
• Dan Rather on CBS News and 60 Minutes
• CN8 Art Fennell Reports with Janet Zappala
• Jennifer Nicole Freeman on My Wife & Kids
• Author Joyce Carol Oates on Documentary Story on Fox Network

Television Shows and Publications

Obtain the makeup services you need to look your best on camera. Our experienced makeup artists know how to create stunning and personalized looks to meet any demand. We have provided makeup services for many television shows, such as:

• HDNet
The Biz Reality Show
Almost Famous Magazine
Switch Television Series
• Playboy Bunny Mansion
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